Volant I
Michelle Elwell's fascination with the aesthetics and ephemerality of nature provides the inspiration for her digital art, photography and printmaking.
Her vibrant and ethereal images reflect the fragile beauty of flowers in a unique way. She is inspired by both the simplicity and complexity of natural forms and specifically finding beauty at moments when things are beginning to emerge and when they are coming to an end. Michelle focuses on aspects of nature that are fragile, decaying and fading. Her work is concerned with accepting that everything is in a state of transition and acknowledging the inevitability of decay, death and rejuvenation.

She works spontaneously whilst listening to music, transforming these flowers, petals and plant forms into vibrant multi-faceted images with movement and depth. They are created by manipulating her original photographic images, merging different fragments of the flower and enhancing the colours digitally, thereby giving the transient flowers a renewed permanence.

Her traditional prints are on a smaller, more intimate scale, again using layers by creating multiple plates. She regards these as studies of aspects of the natural world that inspire and interest her.