Volant I

Inspired by the transient and eternal complexity of nature, I create artwork that aims to capture the fragile beauty of flora and fauna in a unique way. My digital work reflects the transitory nature of beauty; finding appeal and meaning in things that are imperfect or impermanent. I focus on the intricate fragile qualities, lines and textures of flowers in bloom and when they start to fade. My work recognises that everything is in a state of transition and is an acknowledgment of the inevitability of decay, death and rejuvenation.

My digital artworks are produced by photographing individual components of the flower at different stages. These different components are then manipulated, combined and reconstructed digitally. I use layers and enhance the colours to create vibrant images with movement and depth. My aim is to create something striking, new and intriguing. I view my work as an amalgamation of parts taken from nature, whereby each layer represents changes that have occurred, life-cycles and the passage of time.

My macro photographs enable me to observe the intricate structure and design of flowers that are not usually seen or that go unnoticed, little manipulation is employed in producing them.

My traditional prints are on a smaller, more intimate scale, again using layers by creating multiple plates. I regard these as studies of aspects of the natural world that inspire and interest me.